COLA'S Story

The story of Cola's Kitchen is one of passion and love. Our dogs have always played an integral role in our lives. They've always been there, from the most trying of times to the happiest moments. They loved us unconditionally and cared for us most when we needed it. So Cola's Kitchen is our way of giving back. Read our story below to learn more about us and why we created Cola's Kitchen.

January 2018
Meet Max. The inspiration behind everything. Max was a beautiful Doberman Pinscher with the sweetest temper. He loved to chase squirrels and cuddles equally. And yes, he was so good looking that he was featured in a few articles.
Max laying in front of a model
June 2018
Meet Cola. A few months before Max’s passing, we rescued Cola from a dog-eating festival in East Asia.
A woman sitting in front of a dachshund rescue
July 2018
Cola immediately bonded with Max. As if he had found his long lost older brother. They were inseparable. He frequently hung from Max's ears while trying to get his attention.
A beautiful Doberman Pinscher playing with a Dachshund.
October 2018
Max’s health started declining suddenly and he got diagnosed with DCM. His vet told us he has 3-6 months.
A woman and dog laying together on a couch.
November 2018
Max passed away just 3 weeks after he was diagnosed and left Cola behind. We were devastated.
A Dachshund staring out the window
January 2019
A couple months later we became aware of the 16 brands that were linked to DCM according to an FDA investigation, one of which was Max's brand of dog food. This kickstarted deep research into the dog food industry to find a better alternative for Cola.
A picture of many FDA article titles
April 2019
The research into the dog food industry was a rabbit hole of finding one awful fact after another. So we decided to cook for Cola ourselves and reached out to Dr. Goodarzi to formulate some recipes for Cola.
A picture of a dog refusing to eat kibble
April 2019
Turned out Dr. Goodarzi’s 8 years of research had been focused on the benefits of personalized diets. With Sina and Salma’s past experience in large-scale human food production, partnering with Dr. Goodarzi to help more dogs like Cola was a no-brainer.
A picture of Email screenshots
November 2019
🚀 Cola's Kitchen launches
After months of sleepless nights, Cola’s kitchen was born to help solve the problem of low-quality, incorrect and outdated nutrition in dogs. 80 dogs participated in our beta program for a year and saw extraordinary results.
A picture of Cola's Kitchen founders sitting in the trunk with boxes
February 2021
We officially launched publicly. After serving hundreds of thousands of meals, what we have today is a collection of sweet stories. Stories of dogs thriving!
Two cute French Bulldogs sitting on a Cola's Kitchen box.
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