What to Expect When Switching to Cola's Kitchen Individually Balanced Fresh Dog Food?

March 8, 2022
Diana Bocco
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Dr. Farshad Goodarzi - Animal Nutritionist
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First and foremost, congratulations on being a caring dog parent and looking into proper diets for your dog. Whether you choose Cola’s Kitchen™ Individually Balanced Fresh Dog Food or any other high-quality fresh dog food, you are helping your dog live longer. When you begin your journey in Cola's Kitchen's Fresh Dog Food world, you will notice how you are changing your dog's life for the better in tangible and intangible ways. Rest assured that this is probably the single best decision that you have made for your dog, and hopefully, he will thank you for it by staying in your life longer.

Now, let's talk expectations; As with any change, you should expect some adjustment period. Here are what you should expect immediately within a few weeks:

  1. Better Digestion
  2. Increased Energy Levels
  3. Healthy & Shiny Coat
  4. Overall Health
  5. Better Digestion

Better Digestion

Once you start introducing fresh food to your dog's diet, depending on what they were eating before the change, they may react to their new diet. This reaction can include regurgitation, and if that happens, it means you need to slow down the transition process. Typically our transition process is 7 days, but for some dogs, this is not enough time. Therefore you should prolong your transition process to allow your furry friend to get used to his new food. To learn more about dog's vomiting and the causes of it, please read our full guide here.

It may also take up to four weeks for your dog to adjust their poop because of their new food. This may include softer poop immediately after transition, which is completely normal. Your dog may also poop more often than before, and that's because they are now getting exactly what they need nutritionally. Their body is actually digesting the food they are eating, and that's a good sign! To learn more about your dog's pooping habits read our Super Guide to Your Dog's Poop: Frequency, Color, State, Smell & More.

Raw dog food ingredients in a bowl
Cola’s Kitchen Fresh Dog Food is made of real, human-grade, premium ingredients.

Increased Energy Levels

After a few weeks of feeding a fresh food diet, you may notice that your dog has more energy. Yay! That's awesome. If you wonder why this is happening, it's because your dog is now getting what their body and lifestyle requires nutritionally consistently. To learn more about your dog's nutritional needs, read "Five qualities that a dog food MUST have."

As we said above, these are only a few of the changes that you will notice immediately. There are far more benefits that you will see with time. These can include better breath smell, softer and shinier coat, weight adjustment and much more. Stay tuned for a detailed article about all of the benefits of changing to Cola's Kitchen fresh dog food.

At Cola's Kitchen, we create fresh dog food that is individually balanced to your dog's specific nutritional requirements. Your read that right! We individually balance our food for each dog. Want to learn more? Click Here.

Healthy & Shiny Coat

Once you switch over to Cola's Kitchen Fresh Dog Food, you may notice a healthier and shinier coat on your dog! That's not an accident. It's happening because your pooch is now getting the right amount of Essential Fatty Acids. Our food ensures that your dog is getting the right amount of omega-6 fatty acid. According to a study in the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association omega-6 fatty acid deficiency is one of the leading causes of skin and coat abnormalities.

Overall Health

Good nutrition is the core principle of prevention and health! Healthy food is key to improving and maintaining your dog's health. Fresh food is chock full of all the right nutrients your dog needs to have more energy, a shinier coat, a lower risk for cancer and other serious health issues. It can also lead to fewer allergy symptoms. In a study conducted by Lippert and Sappy (2003), the data from 500 dogs from 1998 until 2002 have been evaluated. The study concludes that dogs fed with fresh food lived almost three years longer than those fed with commercial food. After all, nothing gives you a more direct path to a longer life than wholesome fresh nutrition!

A well-balanced fresh dog food can even help dogs with health issues like diabetes, bladder stone, pancreatitis, skin and coat diseases, etc. If you'd like to learn more about diet-related diseases please read "10 Most Common Diet-Related Disease in Dogs."

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Cola's Kitchen precision diet is the first truly tailored diet for a unique approach to nutrition. Our diets are individually formulated and balanced to address the most precise nutritional requirements of your pup.

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